As a qualified trainer and experienced social care manager, I am passionate about promoting mental
health and wellbeing in workplace communities. In my career I have helped hundreds of people
navigate the mental health system and empower themselves through improved mental health
literacy and self-care. I work with organisations, teams, managers and individuals, to encourage
good mental health in workplace environments and appropriately support those experiencing or
recovering from episodes of poor mental health.


I have been an MFHA Instructor since 2010 and am one of the most experienced facilitators of MHFA in the UK and Ireland with 100s of courses delivered in corporate, statutory and community sectors. I train cohorts of MHFA Instructors in Adult and Youth products in Ireland and have designed and updated the products in my role as National Trainer in Ireland.


I have delivered and developed training for corporate, community and adult education settings. After working for a decade training people to work in mental health social care through accredited qualifications, I have transferred much of that knowledge to helping support mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid England

Duration: 2 Days or 4 x 3.5 Hour Sessions

Mental Health First Aid England Refresher

Duration: 4 Hours

Mental Health First Aid Managers Upskill

Duration: As Required

Coaching & Consultancy

Consultancy Themes

  • Do we need a peer support programme? Which models or roles/training are right for our organisation?
  • Founding a Network of Workplace Mental Health Peer Supporters – Planning and recruiting to your network.
  • Developing Policies to Support Your Network
  • Supporting the CPD and Wellbeing of MHFAs, Wellbeing Champions or Peer Supporters- also exploring appropriate resources
  • Facilitating Group Supervision – Suggested methods/formats
  • Monitoring and Review – capturing metrics that may indicate the efficacy of your network and inform your wider wellbeing strategy

Coaching Offering

  • 1-2-1 coaching for people returning to work after a period of leave for mental ill health.
  • 1-2-1 mental health and wellbeing coaching
  • Coaching for managers supporting individuals returning to the workplace.
  • Coaching and support for those implementing or leading on MHFA networks.
  • Facilitation of reflective practice for networks of mental health champions and/or MHFAs within organisations or communities.
  • Using Wellbeing Action Plans – as a tool for individuals and in workplace relationships

Bespoke Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars

All of my sessions are participative and based around discussions, activities and practical tools.

Tea Break Toolbox

15 minute sessions that introduce bite-sized self-care or stress-management techniques.

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